Mori Rothman, fellow Middlebury student (not sure I can use that term much longer), recently contributed this video he made to Middblog endorsing J-street, the new political movement among Jews worldwide (though mostly in the US) positioned in the awkward space between being mindlessly pro-Israel and mindlessly anti-Israel which, as we all know, is politically useful to no one. Their home page can be found here.

I have followed them somewhat out of the corner of my eye, but based on geopolitical developments in Israel and in the United States of late, it seems clear to me that everyone is trying hard to ignore them. It has been difficult to be supportive, but that has its roots in an inborn reluctance to deal directly with Israeli political movements. I myself cannot say that I have ever harbored a positive thought about Israel. That said, I am also aware that they are humans, and an appropriate solution needs to be found to the crisis in Palestine (I don’t feel like developing this right now, so please don’t ask me to do so).

…if only Benjamin Netanyahu weren’t such an ass. Definitely something that’s been curiously absent from the American mainstream media.