The New York Times was surprisingly in-the-loop to have ran this article about the now-famous death of Khalid Said, consequence of a brutal police raid. It is likely that his killing (because that is what it is) is related to a video he posted on youtube featuring Egyptian policemen toking up with the pickings of a major drug bust. We can’t have people defaming Egypt’s Best and Brightest, says the government, so they go after Said.

I think all of us were infuriated when Mubarak extended emergency rule in Egypt for another two years this past May. But the best possible news may have been the outcry from Egyptian society over the Said case. The Arabist ran a pretty good post about it on June 14th.

Meawhile, Egypt is seething. Between the Said murder and the growing influence of the Islamic Brotherhood (for better or for worse), the country is a village on fire. When Mubarak dies, who’s going to put it out?