Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi of the Israeli Northern Army confirmed today that he was OK with striking Hezbollah targets in Lebanon, even in densely-populated areas. This begs a few questions: is it true that Hezbollah is using human shields? Are the people OK with the arrangement (because sometimes they actually are)? And what exactly is Ashkenazi’s great PR plan for the sudden rise in civilian death toll if he goes through with it? Sounds like operation Iron Dome has got him a little cocky.

I am hardly OK with the idea of Hezbollah camping out among civilians, but it seems unlikely that they would do so in places where they are blatantly unwanted. Still, it raises a few doubts and questions, which in all fairness should be posed to Hezbollah – except they would not be well-received. Based on Nasrallah’s reactions to the possibility of having Israeli agents working inside the Party, his brisk comment of “Our organization cannot be infiltrated” (see my earlier post) seemed a little unfriendly. Hezbollah enjoys the legitimacy of much of the Lebanese population, but not all of it – it should not be above all scrutiny.

In addition to this, more tensions with the Party of God seem to be mounting. The Special Tribunal for Lebanon (tasked with investigating Rafiq Hariri’s assassination in 2005) has indicated that several Party members were likely involved – and not Syria.

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