The New York Times has this saddening “Room for Debate” section on tenure for college professors. Should we keep tenure (which is fading from a number of campuses) or should we just let it go? Based on my experiences (yes, at an upper class liberal arts college), I think the system isn’t broken. There are flaws, but I feel like the last bastion of job security in this country is under assault by people who solely value output, not the wellbeing of their professors. And I’m tired of listening to economists speak smugly about everything in terms of costs (monetary or otherwise) – so tired. Because that’s the chief argument against tenure, to calculate salaries and benefits into large frightening sums (not people educating our population). The less costly option is not always the best one, not always the most humane. Especially in the long run.

Life has its costs. Good, robust living has its costs. So does good education. I think we should keep paying it.