In a more boring turn of events, it turns out that the Israeli fence does not actually demarcate the Blue Line between what was once the French Mandate of Lebanon and the British Mandate of Palestine, the historical border that continues to separate the two modern nations of Lebanon and Israel. This meshes with what I have read recently in other sources on the topic. So yes, for those of you waiting to hear: it was in fact “all just a silly misunderstanding.”

I of course retract my theories about Israeli provocation and about the New York Times article’s complicity therein. I do, however, voice my respect for the LAF for actually taking a stand on what they thought was a violation of their country’s sovereignty. I think most Lebanese actually felt proud of the army for the first time in a while. Still, if the border is so tense that a misunderstanding like this could leave half a dozen dead, maybe we should fix the problem and put a real line, as some are suggesting.