There are a lot of blogs out there, so why a new one? When I realized I was coming to the Middle East to work, I wondered whether it would be wise to contribute more journal-like ranting to the digital landscape. So it is somewhat ironically that I present The Curve.

What is The Curve? It is:

  • A pretentious name for a blog.
  • A genuine effort to address some serious issues I am confronted with on a frequent basis.
  • A way to look at…well, the world.

The world is pretty big. Like, seriously. But it’s getting more elastic: the further away you travel, the more you find that home has followed. There is a lot of change here, and as the planet turns so too does it become more and more important to know just what is going on the other side, in the places where the sun is still up.

I studied Human Geography. That means that I care an awful lot about little things in the world that most people I know don’t. I wouldn’t care about them if I didn’t think that they were important, so The Curve is an attempt to give some [hopefully intriguing] perspective, to not simply accept life as it is, but to rethink how we build the human world, and how that relates to the outside.

With so much change in the air, it is tough to witness passively. In today’s world, it pays to stay ahead of The Curve.