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Inevitable as it was, Bridging The Divide was featured in the Addison Independent, one of the more popular news outlets in the Champlain Valley. The article can be found here, and explores the organization’s business model, philosophy, and projects it has supported.

Also, the video from the BTD front page:

Annie Swanson from Bridging the Divide on Vimeo.


One of the four minarets added to the Hagia Sophia Church upon conquest of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks in 1453, when they turned it into a mosque. Today it is a museum.

There is no doubt that Istanbul shares the same sunlight as Beirut; the way it drenches and fulfills everything it touches, from the rolling hills to the watermelon-hawker, has the same quality of light without interruption, light as it is meant to be. Pigeons muster in the mosque courtyards and flutter windward at the slightest provocation. Looking around me, I forget at times that the pale houses and flats with their red-orange roofs are not in fact part of the hills that ring the city, but the product of human effort and, in Turkey, a crooked sort of persistence.

But I am not in Turkey to talk about politics – at least, not in so many words. One way or another, I am away in Istanbul for work, helping to cover a conference being held between our Armenian NGO partner ICHD and a Turkish NGO, which has at its heart the need to improve civil society relations between Turks and Armenians, whose tumultuous past is only beginning to show signs of calming.

OK, maybe that sounds a little political. But it’s they who will be doing the work, not me. I just get to cover the event and meet the partners. As well as eat lots of tasty, tasty food. Point being, I might be AFK for a little while, but expect to hear back from me soon enough.